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  1. Canada: Province Capitals - Map Quiz Game: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are Canada's three largest cities and are rated as some of the nicest places to live in the world, but only Toronto is also a provincial capital. In fact, you might be able to guess the capital of Quebec, but you should probably study for this quiz to get the capital of Prince Edward Island or Saskatchewan
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  3. I hate to be a downer, but I couldn't help noticing the location of Helsinki, Finland on the map. At first I thought it was Turku, a city on the coast, but it wasn't on the key! Just a hint for the quiz maker
  4. Use our free World Capitals Quiz to learn the capital cities of the world's largest countries. This multiple choice quiz will test you on the major world capitals. It starts with the most populous country and works down from there, making it harder as you go. Get started now to see how many you can answer correctly
  5. This quiz tests your knowledge of the world's capital cities. There are four levels of difficulty, with five questions per level. I hope it's not too easy, but please give it a try - you might become the capital city champ! (Or if you miss them all, the capital city chump! But I truly doubt you'd miss more than a few.
  6. No, accepting Sri Kotte is the same as accepting Capital Hill - a suburb of Washington. According to your logic Malaysia should go back to insisting Putrajaya is the capital. New Delhi also annoys me. Delhi is the name of the city, New Delhi is the suburb. If you want to make a capital suburbs quiz, go make a different quiz

What better way to reminisce about past travels and dream about future trips than with a test of your world knowledge. If you thought my geography quiz, Great Britain quiz and England quiz were challenging, wait until you glance over these capital cities quiz questions! They're guaranteed to put your world knowledge to the test Africa: capital cities quiz Click on an area on the map to answer the questions. If you are signed in, your score will be saved and you can keep track of your progress Can You Score 40/50 In This Quickfire Capital City Quiz? Geography nerds, assemble! by Robin Edds. BuzzFeed Staff, UK . 1. What is the capital of the USA? New York New. Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia, a country in Southeast Asia. It was once known as the Pearl of Asia, and was considered one of the loveliest French-built cities in Indochina. 6 QUIZ: How well do you know the world's capital cities? In this quiz you'll be presented with the names of 195 capital cities. You'll need to match them to their countries

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20 capital city questions for your next home pub quiz. Time to settle Australia's capital once and for all... We may earn commission from links on this page Capitals & Countries 1 quiz. Average: 9.25. Played: 1516364. Many capital quizzes are about selecting the correct capital. But can you do this in reverse, too? So can you select the correct country when a capital is given? Play < Capitals index. Capitals & Countries 2 Next > Quiz: can you identify Cities evolve, but the old core stays same. Or does it? We've trawled the archives for a selection of historic maps. Mexico City . Barcelona . Genoa . Trieste. 15 capital city questions and answers for a home pub quiz. Capital city questions can make for a curious shift in theme for a pub quiz. They are also versatile, incorporating elements of.

The Hardest Capital-City Quiz You'll Take Today. If you're the person who spent their entire university experience on Sporcle then this is the quiz for you World Capital Cities Quiz! Think you're an expert when it comes to capital city trivia? Take the test and see if you're right! Are you right about Rotheram? Confused about Carlisle? Puzzled by Putney? Take this epic quiz and find out! Here we go! 1/15. What's the capital of Denmark CITY SLICKER How many capital cities IF you're dreaming of your next holiday after lockdown why not get some inspiration from this tricky emoji quiz of capital please use the Site Map

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  1. This blog is all about capital city quiz questions as asked for by Nathan from Hertfordshire (See below) If you want us to blog free questions about a particular subject fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Hi everyone at WQ, It has been snowing like crazy in Hertfordshire and all the family are home and bored
  2. QUIZ: Do you know the capitals of the 50 states? In this quiz, you'll be given a state, and you'll need to select its capital city—all 50 of them
  3. 9 Both Israel and Palestine claim Jerusalem as their capital and its unresolved status is one of the core questions at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Jerusalem was declared the capital of Israel in December 1949 in response to the UN General Assembly's decision earlier that month to reaffirm the international neutral zone (Corpus Separatum) status of the city
  4. Quiz: How well do you know the world's capital cities? With hundreds of countries around the world come hundreds of capital cities: big and small, buzzing and peaceful, quirky and functional - all of them equally interesting
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  1. General knowledge capital cities quiz: We've compiled a list of 20 countries - all you have to do is match them up with their respective capital city. Some are easy,.
  2. Boston which is a capital of Massachusetts is named after a town in England. The capitol building in Oklahoma City has an oil well under it. Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the U.S. It is at an elevation of about 7,000 feet above sea level. Austin has the largest capitol building in the United States
  3. Take our world capitals quiz multiple choice and find out. Countries and Capitals Quiz. The capitals of the world quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions. Just click on the correct answers and you will immediately see if the answer is correct. In addition, we will tell you a little fun fact about the country or the capital city

Stockholm, Sweden's capital, is built on 14 islands. There are 57 bridges between them. Did you know that Switzerland doesn't have a capital? Helsinki, Finland's capital, is the coldest capital in the world. Copenhagen has the oldest working observatory in Europe. It was built in 1642 This will continue until all the European countries (38 total) have been matched with their capital city. Notes: There are a few European countries not included in the game. This is because they were too small to be easily selected with a mouse or recognized on the size of map we used A capital city (or simply capital) is the municipality exercising primary status in a country, state, province, or other administrative region, usually as its seat of government. When planning to travel to a foreign country, we always put the capital city in a high priority in terms of safety, prices, health care, pollutions level and other conditions

Take the ultimate capital cities quiz! We're off! 1/10. What's the capital of Portugal? Porto. Lisbon. Braga . Epic Leeds City Quiz. The Ultimate Phoenix Quiz. Who is your perfect match Zodiac? The Ultimate San Jose Quiz! The Ultimate NYC Quiz. Play Our Quiz About the Sun. Best Sheffield Quiz Learn the the Middle East capitals with this Middle East Capitals Map Quiz Game

Gretchen Peterson's City Maps: A Coloring Book for Adults will no doubt take up all of an urban geek's spare time, but can you recognise the cities from the book's maps showing only outlines Drag the country or capital to the correct place on the map. Quill's Quiz - 1100 Question US Mega Geography Quiz Print a map of Europe US States and Capitals Map Quiz Free Maps, Map Puzzles and Educational Software: Owl and Mouse Educational Software. Learn the. Radnom.Country will show you new random country, its flag, map, area, population and capital city after every page reload. Quiz! Guess the country on map. correct: 0 wrong: 0. question 1 of 12. Correct. Wrong. Check also or Random Capital City!. This map quiz is aimed at pupils in the 2nd, or 3rd grade (Year 3 or Year 4 - UK) and it covers the following map skills: - Using directions - knowledge of continents - Map symbols - Following routes on maps - Measuring distances on maps - Grid references - Interpreting aerial photographs It is child friendly and comes complete with a mark scheme Be careful, though. The capital city of a US state is not always the largest and most famous city. The quiz has 10 multiple-choice questions. For every answer, you will get a short fun fact about the state or city in question. At the end of the quiz, after you've answered all questions, you will find out your total score in this geography.

Capital Cities Quiz. Take our capital cities quiz for kids and have fun testing your knowledge of capital cities from around the world. The questions are split into easy, medium and hard so you can tackle the ones you feel comfortable with or challenge yourself to give them all a try The answer to the previous question is shown below the map. This will help you to learn the correct capital and state on matches that you missed. If you scroll your mouse over the map, the names of the states can be seen. Scoring Each time you correctly select a U.S. state on the map you will get 5 points

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Learn all the capitals of Europe by taking this geography quiz. Just click on the map and have fun while learning European geography. Remaining 0. Correct 0. Wrong 0. Press play! 0%. 0:00.0. Quit. Again. This game is part of a tournament. You need to be a group member to play the tournament Quiz: Can you guess the capital cities of these countries? 2018-03-11 Nicknamed the bush capital, the city's design is influenced by the garden city movement. Turke From Kiev to Kuala Lumpur, see how well you know the capitals of the world with this quiz from Traveler magazine Of course, some capital cities are exactly what you'd expect. The largest or most recognized city within a nation. This might be because history was kind to that region, or it could simply be due to geography—say, a location near a river or along a major trade route, or a lack of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

Take this brief quiz and see how well you know the 50 state capitals Once you are finished, click the button below. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. Get Result European Capitals 1 quiz. Average: 8.21. Played: 282293. How well do you know your European capitals? Can you tell which cities are capitals of nations such as the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, Finland, Romania and Slovenia? Play < European Borders 2 Previous Click and drag the Canadian Province or capital to the correct place on the map. Quill's Quiz - 1100 Question US Mega Geography Quiz Print a map of Canada US States and Capitals Map Quiz Free Maps, Map Puzzles and Educational Software: Owl and Mouse Educational Software. Learn the provinces.

This quiz also contains the capitals of territories that are not countries, but still have a capital city This quiz tests your knowledge of the world's capital cities. There are four levels of difficulty, with five questions per level. I hope it's not too easy, but please give it a try - you might become the capital city champ! (Or if you miss them all, the capital city chump! But I truly doubt you'd miss more than a few. The map above shows the location of 243 capital cities (including those of overseas territories and dependencies) spanning the world from Abu Dhabi to Zagreb. After spending some time browsing, it becomes apparent that a large number of capitals are located on coast lines or rivers, or other strategically important locations QUIZ: Name the capital cities of all these 30 countries. 2.2k Shares. Paul Moore. Who knows their geography? You may have scored 100% on the first round of capitals, but how well can you do with this test. Can you beat the clock and get them all right? Go! Advertisement. Share article Read more about

If you know all countries in Europe, you can test your knowledge. If you don't know flags or capitals of European countries, or where they are situated on the map of Europe, you'll acquire all this information from this simple and entertaining app. * 51 European countries: - All independent nations, including 6 transcontinental states situated both in Europe and Asia (Russia, Turkey, Georgia. ‎Capitals City Quiz presents outline maps of the U.S. states with the position of the state capitals represented by red stars. The states are organized as a deck of flash cards that can be navigated forwards and backwards. To move forward to the next card touch the right arrow or swipe left Canadian Provinces, Territories, and Capitals Map Quiz Review DRAFT. K - University grade. 300 times. Geography. 74% average accuracy. 3 years ago. mrskmclean. 1. What is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador? answer choices . St. John's. Halifax. Fredericton. Quebec City. Tags: Question 19 . SURVEY . 60 seconds . Q. What is the.

North America Capitals Map Quiz : North America Map Quiz click here. Africa Map Quiz click here. Europe Map Quiz (Hard) click here. Asia Map Quiz click here. Other Maps: Australia & Oceania,. Test your knowledge of world's capitals. You will be given 25 questions of the world's capital cities. See how many you will have correct. Scoring: you get 100 points for each correct answer, plus an additional amount based on how quickly you select the correct option. You can also upload your score and compare your results to other's This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. The second season of The Mandalorian is. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps We're talking New York City, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney and places like that. And even if you're not exactly sure of the city, knowing the country, which we might provide you in the hint section should help you out. So let's find out just how well you did in geography back in high school in this famous monuments and cities quiz

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Online educational lessons teach Canadian Capitals , perfect for online learning and homeschooling and home schools USA Map/Quiz Printout. Advertisement. EnchantedLearning.com is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages. What is the capital city of the USA? _____ 2. What country borders the.

This is a list of capital cities of the United States, including places that serve or have served as federal, state, insular area, territorial, colonial, and Native American capitals.. Washington, D.C., has been the federal capital city of the United States since 1800. Each U.S. state has its own capital city, as do many of its insular areas On this page, you will find a list of all capital cities of the European states with figures of the city proper population*. Have a look at the cities from space; for each city, there is a searchable map/satellite view; additionally, you will find links to the official city site and more information about a city Quebec City, Quebec Whitehorse, Yukon. Established in 1898, Whitehorse is not only the capital city of Yukon but also the only city. Whitehorse is also the largest city in Canada's arctic region. As of 2013, the city's population was 27,889. The city derived its name from the White Horse Rapids. Other Capital cities In Canad

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Quiz Canada's Provinces & Territories Capital Cities : What is the capital city of - Q1: What is the capital city of Ontario? Ottawa, Toronto, London,.. Can you pick out the correct capital from a list of options for each province and territory in Canada? Canadiana quiz. How well do you know Canadian geography? Canada Quiz Online educational lessons teach USA capitals, perfect for online learning and homeschooling and home schools Solve the capital cities quiz and crossword puzzle by entering in the country's capital. For vertical entries, answers go in the up-down direction. And for horizontal entries, answers go left and right. This capital cities crossword puzzle helps you learn geography in an interesting way PRESENTS. A Detailed Map of Canada and Map Menu (See Below For Provinces and Territories) THE CAPITAL CITIES OF THE PROVINCES AND TERRITORIES The following are the capital cities of the 10 Provinces (from West to East) and the 3 Territories:-. British Columbia (Victoria); Alberta (Edmonton); Saskatchewan (Regina); Manitoba (Winnipeg); Ontario (Toronto); Québec (Québec City); New Brunswick.

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On the map pages you will find out more about a city. keywords: Capital, Capital City, Capitals of Asia and the Middle East Population Source: National Statistics Bureaus and the World Urbanization Prospects: The 2018 Revision (Population of Capital Cities in 2018) City/Town Country/Territory Notes Abidjan (former capital; still has many government offices) Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro (official): Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Abuja Nigeria Lagos was the capital from 1914 to 1991.: Accra Ghana Adamstown Pitcairn Islands British Overseas Territory.: Addis Ababa Ethiopia Aden (de facto, temporary) Yemen Sana'a has been occupied by Houthis rebels since. Judicial capital: Bloemfontein, 468,000. No decision has been made to relocate the seat of government. South Africa is demarcated into nine provinces, consisting of the Gauteng, Northern Province, Mpumalanga, North West, KwaZulu/Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, and Free State Printable capital city quiz. How to install WordPress; How to create a child theme; How to customize WordPress theme; How to install WordPress Multisite; How to create and add menu in WordPress; How to manage WordPress widgets; How to manage WordPress user roles; How to change font in WordPress

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Country Capital City; Algeria: Algiers: Angola: Luanda: Benin: Porto-Novo: Botswana: Gaborone: Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou: Burundi: Bujumbura: Cameroon: Yaounde: Cape. Capital Cities Quiz. What is the capital city of the following countries? 1. Norway. Oslo. 2. Malawi. Lilongwe. 3. Italy. Rome. 4. Latvia. Riga. 5. Montenegro. Podgoric Check out fun Europe Map Quiz Questions and Answers for children. Our printable Map of Europe Quiz Questions for Kids are ideal for family and school geography quizzes. Free Kids Europe Map Quiz Questions about European countries and capitals

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Capital city quiz. What is the capital of Australia? Capitals quizzes with quiz questions on the world's capitals. 100% free geography trivia Capital City Quiz Questions with Answers Quiz Nights often use questions on maps, capital cities, countries, and landmarks, and we hope these free rounds provide you with a fun way to test your general knowledge on global capitals and those found in the US states

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British city quiz with questions and answers for your geography quizzes. 20 questions on Liverpool, Cardiff, Carlisle, Bristol and other British city triva Free map quiz games to learn geography. Map Quiz Games Also try Map Quiz Games in our new site! Africa Map Quiz: Countries of Africa 1 Capitals of Africa 1 Countries of Africa 2 Capitals of Africa 2 Countries of Africa 3 Capitals of Africa 3 Asia. A comprehensive database of more than 44 city quizzes online, test your knowledge with city quiz questions. Our online city trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top city quizzes There are 28 states and 7 union territories in India. There are many cities in India that are capitals of states, or major financial or industrial centers, or both. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of India's important cities Welcome to the Map Zoom Quiz! Instructions. Each quiz starts by taking you to a pin on a fully zoomed-in map. You just need to guess where the pin is! If you know the answer, enter it and click the . Answer. button. If you're not sure, click the . Zoom Out. button

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This awesome interactive map allows students to click on any of America's capital cities to learn about their histories and points of interest. Login to Parents and Teachers: While MrNussbaum.com and its 10,000+ activities are always free, if you wish to subscribe to MrN 365, enter the coupon code november to receive 50 percent off the normal price through November This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. This quiz is incomplete! Where would you find the symbol that indicates which city on the map is the capital city? answer choices . map scale. map key. map elevation. map title. Tags: Question 7 . SURVEY Take our quiz to test your geography and travel knowledge and guess the city from the map. The catch? there are no place names to help you in this game Capital Smart City is quality housing project on M2 Motorway near New Islamabad International Airport falling on the eastern route of CPEC. Capital Smart City aims to become first smart city in Pakistan and a model for sustainable development

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